A Cat in Hmong Clothing, Well Perhaps Not

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Hmong clothing made for cats

With a great number of styles available for cats and pets with four legs, Hmong clothing is one of the traditional Chinese fashion which can be considered. The ethnicity of Hmong people dates back to the long history of Qin Dynasty say about the 3rd century B.C.

Hmong ladies are usually dressed up in lavishing colors and gorgeous, strong contrasts as well as intense hues. In this case do did her cat. Some of the favorite colors of Hmong people are Red, Black, yellow, blue and White. Hmong t-shirts matched with various embroidery designs with dazzling ornaments, neckbands, and necklaces. Bracelets and other silver accessories are complete with distinguished Hmong outfit. All that’s left is to throw on custom designed Hmong hats for that casual look.

As the times passed, even the traditional Hmong clothing has been changed. For example, now pets like your dog can cat have tailored made options in the themes of apparel for Hmongs as well. Earlier it was made by hand to display the skills and workman ship as well as skills of the Hmong girl. Forthwith, Hmong clothing is now completely changed and is done by machine and Hmong t-shirts are becoming completely modern regarding fashion. Instead of getting adhere to base reasons for wearing Hmong clothing to denote one’s dialect as well as the region. Most of the Hmong people now go for mix and match of what they think about fashion. Hmong community clothing has become more modern every now and them as the Hmong dances start designing their own costume.

Unique styles and themes of Hmong designed t-shirts and hats – for cats as well

Hmong’s attire is completely distinguished based on the wearer’s age, and it is the major region of origin. The ladies dress weighs much greater pounds. A typical outfit of Hmong community people comprises of a blouse along with narrow sleeves, a wide collar which is worn over the pleated skirt. To make this work for you pet, obviously the skirts need to be resigned for wearing it in a horizontal fashion.

Cat in Hmong Clothing

Cat in Hmong Clothing

The Hmong skirts have nearly 30-40 layers, and they are decorated with bright colored brocades, a detailed embroidery as well as fine cross stitch work. All these including Hmong hat undergo batik dyeing that involves the application of wax to the cloth in the high temperatures to produce designs, i.e. animals and plants which are regular motifs of choice.

These precious outfits are usually passed down through various generations. The young girls of Hmong community do everything on their own like weaving the fabric, stitching the design and embroidering the waistband.

The most key feature of Hmong attire is the huge amount of silver accessories. The neckbands can have a maximum of seven rings which can weigh maximum up to 5 pounds. Well, the weight may be a bit much for you pet, especially your 5 pound cat. Using silver in Hmong culture represents family status, good fortune and symbolizes prosperity.